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We’re moonlighting. We’re working outside the box of advertising. This is the creative work that gets us thinking differently and keeps us on our toes. It’s what we do after work hours. We have fun, capture big moments, and tell exciting stories. We create. 

the eaton

John K. Addis’ first novel tells the story of friends who discover an abandoned Victorian-era hotel deep underneath the Eaton Rapids train depot they purchased to rehab. But as things fall apart, the team must discover the secret behind The Eaton before its too late. Now available here.


Measure is a 2-4 person card game developed in-house by AE. Using a combination of luck and strategy, the object of the game is to complete your own measures before your opponent completes theirs. Look for our Kickstarter campaign launching this autumn.


We love doing weddings, specializing in cinematic and documentary-style wedding photography and video production. We are a team of experienced storytellers who can help you forever relive your wedding day. Just contact us here, we are excited to talk with you.

John was a great listener who took the time to understand my vision and what I desired from my design experience.
- Kory Shrum
I use AE: Adventures in New Media for polished creativity.
- Phil Denny
  11-Year Client
The team at AE goes above and beyond, coupling a level of mastery with a service that feels as if my project is their project.
- Eugene Hedlund
  Shedding Skins